An evening in London nightclubs

01 Apr

My visit to London had been sudden. My cousin decided to get married within a fortnight of meeting his fiance, and here we were, flying in from different corners of the world to attend the wedding. I had never been to London before, and the rush of the wedding arrangements hardly gave me time to explore the city to the fullest. So, after the wedding was over, and the newly weds were off to their honeymoon, I decided to start my discovery of London routine. The first thing on my list was to experience the London nightlife.

The vibrant clubbing scene in London

The clubbing scene in London is extremely vibrant, with an array of clubs and pubs to keep one occupied. I found out more about the nightlife in Londonfrom my friends there. I gathered that different pubs had different closing times. Some closed their shutters at 11 pm while others could go on until 3 or even 7 in the morning. Hence it was upto me to decide how long i wanted to party. Well, 11 pm would have been too early for me to retire, so decided to go with the all night ones. So all that was left was gathering the friends I would like to party with. A few phone calls later, we were all ready to go out and have an exciting evening of partying.

When we hit the bar scene

For a while, there was the dilemma between hitting the nightclubs or the quieter lounges. The general consensus was that we wanted to let our hair down in the most happening of clubs, with a healthy flow of alcohol to keep us cheery. Hence, we decided to hit the best nightclubs in the city. The first name that came up to my mind was the Ministry of Sound. You would definitely know about this place, even if you were not a London resident. The place is famous for its DJ nights and the amazing sound! There were three dance floors as well as bars, and it was more than enough to keep us occupied for hours together. It was a weekend, and judging by the crowd, there were thousands of people moving all around us. It could not have been anymore exciting!

A splash down the waters

After sweating it out on the floors on the Ministry of Sound, we decided to hop onto another unique club that is popular amoung London nightclubs – Club Aquarium. Yes, as the name suggests, there is ample of water here in the form of swimming pool and Jacuzzi and is the perfect place to unwind after a crazy time on the dance floors. Plus it is located in Shoreditch, which is regarded as the part of London with the coolest nightlife. We chilled out here for a while over cocktails and then headed out to our respective residences. It was an exceptional night out, and I cannot wait to repeat it again with the other exciting London nightclubs.

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My favorite London nightclubs for girls night outs

11 Oct

I am a self-professed party animal. Living in London has been especially great for me, as I get to experience the throbbing, vibrant partying scene in this uber cool city. Come weekends and I make sure to visit one or more of my favourite London nightclubs. The city has endless number of nightclubs and each of them varies in terms of crowds, type of music and ambience. But there is definitely something for everyone in this city. Today I plan to list some of my all time favorite clubbing zones in London. Some of these names are famous, and some known only to its regular visitors like me. But one thing is for certain – I have had the time of my life clubbing in these nightclubs and I’m confident you would love them too.

Crazy dancing at Fabric

Fabric was the first popular nightclub in London I stepped into. And it still figures at the top of my must visit London nightclubs. This nightclub is in fact world famous, and that makes it even more tempting. Fabric is known for its famous dancefloor experience. The bass speakers are embedded beneath the floors and the floors tend to recline. So, when the music plays, I can literally feels the bass vibrating through my body! The Fabric dancefloor is one experience everyone should have. I have never found Fabric empty – so be ready for huge crowds. The crowd comparatively thins out around 3 am – so if you are a late night partier like me, you could have a great time without feeling too suffocated.

Dubsteps at Corsica Studios

There is nothing like a little dubstep and experiemental music to pep up my evenings after a long day at work. Corsica Studios is hands down the best name when it comes to unique London nightclubs. This is the perfect creative space where the arts and music fuse. Corsica Studios is known for its ever changing array of experimental and hip music and an equally vibrant and varied crowd. My visits to Corsica Studios have alwals bn peppered with a good deal of swaying and great conversations with highly interesting people.

Live nights at KOKO

There is no beating the charms of live music in a charged up ambience. KOKO has been my favorite haunt for such live music nights. This place was formerly a theater, but now it is one of the hottest spots in the London nightlife. This nightclub is a multilayered one. Here you will find people from everywhere – right from college kids to professional London escorts – united by their love for good music and great company. From rock, blues to pop – KOKO covers almost every music genre. On the nights i want to chill to good old untampered music, I hop in here.

Glamorous crowds at Pacha

Pacha is the ultimate glamour-town among the London nightclubs. This is the place where I have found the most good looking crowd of London come and let their hair down. This place has some of the best DJs in the world and the interiors have been superbly done. I love the sophisitication quotient here that seems to emnate from everyone around. I come here on my date nights, as it is the perfect opportunity to go overboard and dress to impress. The glamour, glitter and high class sets this place apart from all the other London nightclubs. If you are coming here, make sure to dress up well and look your best!
Well, those are my favorite nightlife zones in London. They have made my evenings here more vibrant and fun than anything else could have.

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